2016 DMLA Conference-Meet the Panelists

September 15, 2016


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Session: Images are Weapons of Change. Friday morning session

Public opinion has long been swayed by the photographs from war zones, images of love and acceptance and of events that change how we interact with each other and the world. As we come up to the election this November, it is even more crucial that as image-makers and curators we are aware of how powerful our choices are. Join us and hear how art buyers and editors are choosing images to present their clients’ message to a world that changes with each post, click and comment.

 Moderator: Karen Beard









Karen Beard is an Art Director at Image Source, and founder of Shestock. A 20-year photo industry professional with diverse experience in image creation, management, with a focus on creating strong female-centric imagery and spotting gender bias. She has previous experience as a commercial photographer shooting on assignment, and stock image photographer.
www.shestockimages.com and branded.me/karenbeard

Panelist: Witold Riedel-Founding Partner Tea & Water Ltd.









A German citizen, born in Poland, Witold began his career creating television graphics, dance music videos and techno record covers in Germany before moving to New York. Here he became the Creative Director at Organic, a first leading digital agency. At Ogilvy and Mather he was the Worldwide Executive Creative Director for Siemens and introduced a genuinely multi-local approach to communication for the then most sustainable large company on the planet. His hands-on and on the ground approach to strategic creative work brought him closer to understanding the true nature of working in China, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, and also Germany and the United States.

Reidel is a Co-Founder of Tea & Water Ltd., a private partnership designed to deliver best-in-class creative strategy and creative execution for international projects of any size. The firm has a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Tea & Water was founded to be global and inclusive. They develop long-term communication programs with those who want to change the world for the better. Clients include: Siemens (China, Germany, U.S., India, UAE, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, U.K. Russia), U.S. Figure Skating Association, Ogilvy & Mather (seamless integration including role of Global Executive Creative Director), Greenkern, generation_ foundation, MHI Vestas, SRF Swiss Radio and Television.


Panelist: Sheri Radel Rosenberg-Producer/Writer Marketing and Advertising









As a former trend forecaster and lifelong observer, Sheri brings a fresh perspective to talent selection and loves looking for the unexpected as well as those tried and true talent who click with a brand and a campaign. She worked at CP+B for 7 years, and was head of Art Buying at Deutsch New York. A defender of great ideas, Sheri loves problem solving and equates her freelance career to that of Harvey Keitel as the Wolf in “Pulp Fiction”.  She’s always available to jump in, clean up a mess, and make great work. Her clients include Sapient Nitro, Goodness Mfg., Ogilvy and Mather, Google Creative Labs, Ammirati, Anomaly, Co Collective, Deutsch NY, Grupo Gallegos, Barton Graf, JWT, Taxi New York, Consigliere, The Barbarian Group, and Wieden + Kennedy.


Panelist: Adam Levine- Branding + Marketing Consultant NYC









Adam Levine is a marketing and branding executive with over two decades’ worth of experience with some of the country’s leading ad agencies (Deutsch, FCB, DDB and McKinney) and has worked on brands as varied as Zoloft, Revlon, Snapple, Microsoft and IKEA.  His professional passion is to help brands connect strategically and creatively through integrated strategy and execution.  His personal passions include pop culture, travel and hiking (especially with his dog Karma).