After Google’s decision to display IPTC fields – a new industry survey from IPTC

March 5, 2019


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The relevance of IPTC photo metadata was underlined last year when Google, after extensive discussion with CEPIC and IPTC, announced that some IPTC fields would become visible for users of Google’s image search.

It is a good time to review and compare the use of IPTC metadata – with the help of DMLA – with the results from our survey in 2010. That survey highlighted the importance of metadata in industry workflows and helped us prioritise the creation of new fields, as well as focusing our efforts to liaise with software producers on metadata handling.

We hope you will help us by filling in the 2019 survey below by 15 April 2019

It should take around 10 -15  mins of your time. Those who fill out the survey can automatically receive the full results after the IPTC Photo Metadata Conference on 6 June.

Thank you for your contribution!