Digital Media Licensors relate pain caused by COVID-19


As the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered normal business, more than 30 members of the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) shared the effects the crisis is having on the visual media industry. The digital media licensors connected in a members-only webinar moderated by Thomas Smith (Gado Images), chairman of the 2020 DMLA Education and Programs Committee. Participants […]

DMLA New Board Member Q & A – Bobby Dicks of CNN

DMLA: Bobby, congratulations to you personally, as a new DMLA board member. How did you get into the licensing industry? Bobby: I started in the stock/content licensing industry 20 years ago as a sales assistant, answering phones at FPG. I very quickly realized that this was a special industry and I wanted to grow with […]

New Board Member Q & A – Josiane Faubert of Picha Stock

Rick: Josiane, congratulations to you personally, as a new DMLA board member. How did you get into the licensing industry? Josiane: Thank you for the opportunity. I got into the licensing industry pretty much out of frustration. The market, in general, lacked diversity and seemed to reinforce many stereotypes, especially regarding Africa and Afrocentric communities. […]

Google Images Takes Next Step With New Licensable Badge

Today, Google Images took the next step towards the introduction of the “Licensable” badge with a letter and developer notes shared with members of the DMLA, CEPIC and IPTC. The current version of the “Licensable” badge was introduced at our 24th Annual Conference last October in Los Angeles. In 2018, Google Images introduced the integration […]

PA Media Group acquires Alamy

11 February 2020: PA Media Group, the UK-based news and information business, has acquired Alamy, a leading supplier of stock imagery. Founded 20 years ago, Alamy has one of the world’s most diverse creative and editorial stock imagery collections, comprising almost 200 million photographs, vectors and 360-degree panoramic images. The business has close to 100,000 […]

Q&A Google v. Oracle

Rick: Nancy, Welcome to 2020. It’s time for another edition of DMLA Q&A or IP for Dummies – like me. Ready? Nancy: Fire away. Rick: Let’s talk about Google v. Oracle. When I think about tech, I think patents. Why are we discussing copyright and not patents in Google v. Oracle? Nancy: Patents deal with […]

DMLA New Member Q&A – WGBH

Rick: Alison, congratulations to you as the new DMLA board member repping our new ACSIL members. How did you get into the licensing industry? Alison: I started in television production in the 1980’s and was lucky enough to work on the landmark documentary series “Vietnam: A Television History” as my first job. That’s where I […]

DMLA & ACSIL Join Forces to Create Stronger Trade Association for Licensing Industry

The Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) and the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) are coming together to lead advocacy, education and community building for licensors, their partners and the creators they represent.  Contact: Rick Gell NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2019 /Press Release/  — The leading trade association for moving-image licensors, 17-year-old ACSIL […]

Farewell DMLA

As 2019 comes to an end, so too does my long relationship with PACA/DMLA. From the start, almost 40 years ago, as a PACA member, I knew instantly the importance of this association to my own business and to the licensing industry. My retirement sounds too final, so I will use “rejuvenation” suggested by my […]

Senator Tillis Announces Judiciary Committee Initiative on IP

In a commentary letter posted on The Hill December 17th by Senator Thomas Tillis (R-N.C.) entitled Getting Back to Basics on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act  Tillis announced his intentions “to launch a major new initiative in the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property to explore ways we can better promote the creative economy in […]