Automation and Streamlining the Licensing Process for the Cultural Heritage Sector

November 19, 2015


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The Ministry of Copyright, Cultural and Creative Assets (MOCA) will be hosting an exclusive event on the 25th November 2015 at 2.00pm at Digital Catapult’s office, London, in conjunction with the Copyright Hub to launch and hear about the first heritage user experience of the Hub Keys, Oxford University Images. Alongside the presentation there will be a panel discussion from heritage specialists on their view around digitisation in the Cultural Heritage sector and the rising need for automation and simplification of the licensing process; what investment and resource is required; is it affordable?

The panellists include Roly Keating, CEO British Library; Grant Young, Head of Digital, University of Cambridge; Abbie Enoch, CEO Capture Ltd, technology partner of Copyright Hub; John Stack, Digital Director, Science Museum; with introductory speakers, Richard Hooper CBE and Jane Glastonbury from DCMS.

Tickets for this unique afternoon are available through Eventbrite ( ) at £25 per person to include a drinks networking reception from 5.00pm.

Further event details available at