Been Leaning In for Awhile

February 13, 2014


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By Ellen Herbert, Neat Productions,  courtesy of Visual Connections Blog

Earlier this week, Getty and announced a partnership whereby Getty donates 10% of license fees to from sales of this collection.

This got us thinking and we wondered about sources of imagery of women, so we compiled a list of resources that we know of and use. When looking for dynamic and diverse images of contemporary women, please remember these dynamite collections/agencies too:

Erickson Stock

By the way, most of these sources are partially/wholly owned by female entrepreneurs.

The stock industry has a history of female trailblazers who have been leaning in for generations: Ellen Boughn, Susan Turneau, Beate Chelette, Cathy Aron, Sonia Wasco, Jane Kinne, Danita Delimont, Lady Harriet Bridgeman and Sally Lloyd to name just a small handful.

Who are some of your favorite boutique sources?

SD00009-219x300 (c)Silvana DiFranco /SheStock