DisabilityImages.com Launched by Huntstock

July 15, 2013


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New Resource Features Specialized Stock Photography with Real People and Real Concepts

Boston – Huntstock, a leading online resource for positive lifestyle images, has launched a new website specializing in an important but often overlooked body of work – www.disabilityimages.com. The focus of the imagery is empowerment and accessibility, reflecting people who lead their daily lives while running companies, having families, participating in sports, studying, learning and enjoying life.

DisabilityImages.com is differentiated in that it depicts the daily activities of a community that is typically under-represented, presenting clear and evocative images of subjects that are frequently sought after in the publishing industry. All images are available in multiple high-resolution formats; are free of logo and trademark issues; come with full model and property releases, and show real people with genuine disabilities. Files are key-worded to identify and locate specific images relating to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, deafness, and much more.

Please register on one of the two websites and send an email to info@disabilityimages.com with image requirements. You will earn a discount on your first usage. DisabilityImages.com also offers registered 501(c) (3) organizations a significant discount, and welcomes inclusion on preferred supplier lists of publishers.

Mark and Pat Hunt, founders of DisabilityImages.com and Huntstock, have been active in the stock photo business for many years. “This new body of images realistically portrays what people are capable of,” said Pat Hunt. “Each picture reflects genuineness and sensitivity while also promoting individual empowerment and achievement.”