DMLA New Board Member Q & A – Bobby Dicks of CNN

April 1, 2020


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DMLA: Bobby, congratulations to you personally, as a new DMLA board member. How did you get into the licensing industry?

Bobby: I started in the stock/content licensing industry 20 years ago as a sales assistant, answering phones at FPG. I very quickly realized that this was a special industry and I wanted to grow with it. I have had the luxury of working with and learning from some really amazing people on both sides of this business.

DMLA: CNN is a worldwide brand, the first 24-hour news channel and some of the world’s best news and documentary programming. Tell us about the library and some of its unique content?

Bobby: Our library is about 40 years old now, which is younger than I am today and still pretty young by archive standards. That being said, we have very special coverage of some of the most historical moments of the last 40 years. We have well over 4 million assets and we represent 750 local affiliates across the country.

DMLA: Bobby, you were part of ACSIL who were focused on video collections. Now as part of the DMLA, what are you hoping to see from the DMLA in 2020?

Bobby: I would like to see a larger focus on events/conferences, continuing education and the sharing of best practices. Both on the client and vendor sides.

DMLA: What do you see as the most important issues facing the industry today?

Bobby: I will reluctantly say fair use/copyright infringement. Archives exist to provide a service. We locate and license quality content. I understand its human nature to try to get the best deal you can, for yourself and your project. And that goes for us vendors who are also licensors too.  I think it’s fair to say that as vendors we generally want to continue to be treated “fairly” and not see the practice of  “fair use” abused.

DMLA: The DMLA is 53 years old and this year we will host our 25th Annual Digital Licensing Conference in New York. And along with Josiane Faubert of PICHA Stock, who is joining our board as well, you are both the first African Americans on the DMLA board. Comments?

Bobby: I am excited about the opportunity. I look forward to making an impact and expanding both the boards & my own network. It should be a fun time.

DMLA: We look forward to an exciting 2020 as part of the DMLA!