June 11, 2019


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Dear Members:

We have had great response from the House for the CASE Act and we now have 31 co-sponsors for H.R. 2426!  The letter writing and meetings with representatives is working, but we can’t stop now.  We still need efforts from all of you to get the support for the bill up to triple digits to assure passage.

Many of you had made the push to get your contributors to participate in this important effort and we are grateful. We know that Serban Enache at Dreamstime sent an email to all of his 500,000 contributors asking them to write to their representatives and also wrote on social media in support of the CASE Act.  Thanks so much Serban.

The bill  is backed by the group of creative associations that DMLA  has been working with over the last 10 years including, ASMP, APA, ASCRL, the Copyright Alliance, GAG, NANPA, NPPA, and PPA. So, we’re off to a great start, but we need to build momentum, and that’s where you come in. DMLA has already written the relevant members of the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate in support of the CASE Act. However, getting a bill passed is hard work. We need to build as much support as possible for the CASE Act before Congress takes its summer break in August. The Representatives and Senators need to hear from their constituents to know that this bill has grass root support in their states and districts.

We’ve made it very simple for you:

  1. Send the attached letter (which you may modify) to your Member of Congress through their contact page
  2. Encourage your photographers to add their voices at the web portal
  3. Tweet/use instagram and/or Facebook to show your support for the CASE Act

Thanks so much. We know we can count on you to make sure this important legislation gets all the attention it needs from our DMLA Membership.