DMLA TALK: A new format at the DMLA Conference

October 17, 2016


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Taking a page from the TED book, we have selected five outstanding individuals in the world of photography licensing to address a single topic in a short burst of information.

DMLA Talk: Love + Fear

Stock agencies are experts at putting the right image into the right box. We are able to glean from the public mindset keywords that will bring up the “right” images. But are we also the perpetrators of stereotypes? I founded Stock Pot Images to take the fear of the “stoner” and to show the many positive aspects of cannabis. Love is what drove me to change the public’s view, to legalize and to present the true faces and communities of cannabis.


Ophelia Chong-StockPot

Ophelia launched Stock Pot Images to effect a visual revolution. StockPot Images is the first stock-photo agency to specialize exclusively in cannabis-related imagery.  Prior to that she has been a photographer for David Carson at Raygun Magazine and then moved on to Sony Music, Mercury, Epitaph, and Interview Magazine. Later, she took on the stock and assignment photography business, beginning as the creative director at Workbook and Workbookstock. Ophelia teaches Marketing and Self-Promotion to photography students at the Art Center College of Design and has been an art director in the MFA writing program at CalArts since 2008.

DMLA Talk: Taming the Fire Hose of Internet Content: Curation, Licensing, and the Future of Production

With consumer imagery flooding the internet and camera equipment getting better, smaller, and more affordable; the content of the Internet is an ever-ripe source for agencies and brands looking to make more engaging ads with less time and budget. Analisa Goodin, CEO of Catch&Release, Inc. will discuss how certain business models can consume or be consumed by the opportunity of this content, and what the future of ad production looks like when it leverages the power of existing media.


Analisa Goodin-Catch and Release

With over a decade of experience in visual research and content licensing, CEO Analisa Goodin founded Catch & Release in 2008. Based in San Francisco and with operations in New York and Los Angeles, the company offers creative research to top agencies, directors, and production companies by discovering, sourcing, and licensing the best content around to support some of the most complex briefs around. Catch & Release has scaled alongside the internet content revolution, and their Jeep spot “Portraits” won a Clio for the Best Ad of the Superbowl.

 DMLA Talk: Power and Ethics in Online Communities

As member-driven products and services continue to propel companies like Uber and Airbnb, what role do online communities play in the success of a product? Brianna Wetlaufer, CEO and co-founder of the stock-photo platform Stocksy United, will speak through the story of Stocksy’s pivot from crowd-sourcing to shared ownership and collaboration, sharing the building blocks of an ethics-based business and how they relate to fostering trust and loyalty.

brianna-wettlaufer-headshot-for-dmla-copyBrianna Wettlaufer, Stocksy United

Brianna Wettlaufer is CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy United, an online artist owned co-op that specializes in high-end curated stock photography. Brianna has worked as an executive in the stock industry for over 10 years. Brianna has mentored start-ups in Canada, Korea, Japan, and the US, all focused on using community and curation to lead companies forward in photography, art, and music. In 2012, Brianna co-founded Stocksy, an artist-owned co-op, focused on the support and empowerment of sustainable artist careers through democratic business.

DMLA Talk: Searching and Using Images from Social Media

Scopio- “Scope It Out” is a real time image search and licensing platform that offers a way to build libraries for publishing. I will discuss the messiness of Social Search and Indexing. What are the benefits of user generated content and why are humans drawn to it? Is its timeliness and innocence? The difficulties in searching and organizing this content on demand, within a culture that is constantly changing.


Christina Hawatmeh-Scopio

Christina Hawatmeh, the CEO and Founder of Scopio. Christina received her Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. While there, Christina founded Scopio in conjunction with Columbia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. She comes to Scopio with a background working in venture capital, research, film, and program management.  Scopio is a more efficient way to find and license images from social media; they are essentially Getty Images in real-time.

DMLA Talk: What Happens to A Photo After It’s Purchased?

What kind of transformations does a photo go under once it has been licensed? How can we become more useful to our customers by creating something closer to their end product?


Navid Safabakhsh-Placeit

Navid is the CEO of Placeit where he runs product, marketing and finance. Prior to Placeit, Navid spent 6 years running a product development agency working for clients such as Linkedin, Telefonica, Yahoo and eBay. Navid was born in Iran, studied in Philadelphia, started his company in San Francisco and now lives in Guadalajara, Mexico where he’s focused on growing Placeit.