Image Protects Is Looking for A Claims Analyst, Discovery & Assessment

October 17, 2016


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Image Protect (IP) is building a community of Visual Artists to help defend against copyright infringement. Our advanced tracking and recovery technology simplifies copyright protection. By combining industry-leading software with a platform of visual artists and copyright experts, Image Protect is building a community for the education and advancement of international copyright.

Our Leadership Principles

We believe that everyone who works for Image Protect is a leader – it is not about big titles; it is about how we do things. Our leadership principles are pivotal to what we are trying to achieve and they define the kind of company we are. The following seven leadership behaviors form the cornerstone of everything we do.

  • Trustworthiness, Transparency and Openness.
  • The Obligation to Care about our business and our colleagues.
  • Leading by Example: it is what we do and how we do it.
  • Raising the Bar: consistently raising our standards and striving for excellence.
  • One Voice: embracing collective responsibility.
  • Bringing Solutions rather than just problems.

By demonstrating these behaviors, we believe we can make our company a great place to work and that we can deliver outstanding performance.

Job description

The Claims Analyst discovers & assesses copyright claims, supporting clients, attorneys and other staff members. When an infringement is discovered, your role is to research the claim, collect evidence, manage the case and initiate communication between the infringer and the copyright owner.


  • Manage copyright infringement cases under strict time constraints.
  • The proper collection of evidence leading to a resolution of the copyright claim.
  • Communicate case details to the infringer and copyright owner.
  • Resolve common copyright myth and misconceptions.
  • Understand the basics of US copyright law to educate potential infringers.
  • Perform user acceptance testing on internal and customer facing applications on an as needed basis
  • Assist with new business processes and special projects as assigned


  • BS/BA degree preferred, but not required.
  • Previous experience with copyright law preferred, but not required
  • Previous experience in communications and/or marketing preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with focus on teamwork.
  • Must be able to demonstrate strong research and analytical skills.
  • Proficiency in Word and Excel.
  • Must be a team player, with the ability to adapt to a variety of situations and work effectively with people from all across the company.
  • Must be able to take initiative and be a self-starter, as well as keeping supervisors updated.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and tactfully with personnel on all levels, in person, on the telephone or over written communication.
  • Must have solid interpersonal skills and a proven ability to develop and maintain required support relationships.
  • Must be able to work under strict time constraints and meet deadlines.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks successfully with attention to detail.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Must be able to conduct oneself in a professional/courteous manner.
  • Must be reliable and be available attend various activities before, during and after regular business hours, when necessary.

Image Protect is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran’s status (including protected veterans, as may be required by federal law), sexual orientation or any other category protected by law.