Lived In Images Awarded Damages For Copyright Infringement Claims Against Content Farm

March 6, 2015


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Los Angeles, California: Clear Arts – ImageProtect ( an image tracking company, today announces that it has successfully negotiated a six figure settlement for damages of copyright infringement for Lived In Images, Inc., a stock photo archive specializing in home, garden, and interior design pictures against, an online content farm.

“Clear Arts continues to grow successful outcomes from our operations and in the process has become more effective at monetizing revenues for our clients,” said Jonathan Thomas, CEO of Clear Arts. “We are undergoing rapid expansion in the market. Everyday our software tracks and gathers evidence of unauthorized use of copyrights and our legal teams in North America, Europe, and Russia close cases in our client’s favor. We have made great strides in combating the multi-billion dollar dilemma of copyright infringement.”

Visual content — photography, video, art, illustration, and multi-media — is intellectual property. It is owned and has tangible value. That value erodes when theft cannot be easily and cost-effectively deterred. When someone infringes a copyright, the copyright holder effectively is deprived of income (either directly or indirectly) that could be used to develop new or better content. Every year the content industries lose billions of dollars to copyright infringement, depriving the public of new creative works, costing industry jobs and hurting economic growth. The challenge for copyright owners is that the legal framework now in place requires the copyright owner, in order to protect its rights, to monitor and notice “each” individual act of infringement and document it. Clear Arts has automated this arduous process.

About Clear Arts: Clear Arts, Inc. ( is a technology company that builds tools to allow images to be easily tracked and monetized across the Web. Our proprietary and scalable image recognition software can determine where and by whom an image is being used online. We automate the tracking of copyright images, advertisements, and brands to enable measurement and monetization. Contact us at