Mary Evans Picture Library buys Ardea

August 7, 2013


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Mary Evans Picture Library is delighted to announce its purchase of Ardea, one of the UK’s leading wildlife, pets and environment picture libraries.

Sophie Gooders, current owner of Ardea, which was started more than 40 years ago by Sophie’s mother Su, has decided that it is time for her to move out of the industry. However, having put so much of herself into the picture library and with so many friends amongst the photographers, Sophie did not just want the collection to be absorbed into another library and lose its identity. Though at first sight an unusual purchase by Mary Evans, the intention was not to combine the two collections but rather to preserve the independence of Ardea and to run the two companies completely separately, each concentrating on preserving the excellence of their own individual specialities.

Most of the Ardea staff will continue with the company to ensure continuity with both clients and photographers, but Paul Brown will take over Sophie’s role, running the company. Initially nothing will change on a day to day basis for clients using Ardea; they will still receive the same excellent service and quality imagery. However, the intention is to develop the company for the benefit of both photographers and clients using Paul’s experience of more than thirty years in the industry.

Paul Brown said “I am extremely excited to be given the opportunity to look after and develop this most exceptional of agencies which has so much potential and such wonderful imagery. It is rare to be given the opportunity to run one picture library which is well respected, and known for its integrity as well as its amazing images, and I am lucky enough to be running two.”

Sophie Gooders said “We are delighted, as we cannot think of anyone better placed than Paul Brown, who has always shared our respect of photography and our vision for the industry, to continue Ardea’s development into an exciting new era.”
Physically, Ardea will be moving to Blackheath and will be housed at Mary Evans Picture Library, but the website, email and telephone numbers remain the same.

For a selection of images giving an overview of the Ardea collection, please click here.
For further information please contact:

Paul Brown
Managing Director Mary Evans Picture Library
59 Tranquil Vale
London SE3 0BS / /