None of us want to see these majestic animals dying out

May 12, 2015


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The money is used to help educate and inform parents who are struggling to deal with their children’s neurological diseases, and to fund research. In fact, seed funding from the Florence’s charity is partly responsible for an entire laboratory at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Hardly surprising, it is called The Three to Be Lab.

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Hermes Replica Ms Mordaunt said: illegal wildlife trade threatens to make some of the planet most extraordinary species extinct.also destroys the livelihoods of some of the world poorest people, robbing communities of the great economic benefits of wildlife, including tourism.aid is giving fresh life to projects, whose aim is to protect these species and secure the futures of a win for those communities and a win for animal lovers across the world. None of us want to see these majestic animals dying out. Already supported by UK aid money include a counter poaching training programme in sub Saharan Africa and project to reduce demand for pangolin products in south east Asia by debunking the false medicinal value of their scales.Environment Secretary, Michael Gove added: challenges do not respect borders, and require coordinated international action.Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund is driving change to combat this despicable criminality and highlights our global leadership in protecting wildlife in its natural environment. Hermes Replica

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