Novel Expression, Premier Source of Genre Fiction Cover Imagery Announces Launch

September 17, 2014


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There is a new player in the world of genre fiction cover imagery; Novel Expression. offers thousands of fully released images created specifically for the genre fiction market, with an early emphasis on the Historical and Regency niches.

Founder Sheridan Stancliff of identified a gap in the marketplace while searching for stock photography for new releases for the authors in her stable. Calling upon her background in commercial photography, she enlisted photographer Chip Latshaw to lay a plan for creating an upscale agency with historically accurate costumes and professional models. Ellen Herbert of NEAT Production was brought on bringing production quality and a base of knowledge about the commercial stock photography.

Sheridan observes, “The idea for Novel Expression has been brewing for a couple of years and with the exploding self and electronic publishing markets, the time is right to address the unique needs of genre fiction authors. I’m excited to bring our imagery to the marketplace and can’t wait to see what wonderful covers are to be created.”

Sourcing costumes from Hollywood studios, casting from the deep well of talent in Los Angeles and working with top tier stylists, Sheridan brings her expertise in the fiction cover industry to craft images that inspire writers and readers alike.

Expansion plans include bringing on contributors. Chip Latshaw is creating guidelines for interested photographers, stating; “Ongoing education of our contributors will ensure a level of photography unsurpassed in our market. Our aim is to build a community of committed contributors with the end goal being the premier source of genre fiction imagery.”

Ellen Herbert adds, “Long a fan of niche collections, it is refreshing to be involved in an emerging market for stock photography. The basic rules of stock photography apply, but there are many nuances incorporated in the collection keeping in mind our core customer – authors, designers and publishers”.

Come be delighted by and transported to different eras and worlds with Novel Expression.