Support for Copyright Small-Claims Enforcement Act Needed

January 9, 2018


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For many photographers, illustrators, authors, songwriters and other creatives who own copyrighted works, enforcing their rights in court is not feasible.  Litigation is expensive and many creators simply can’t afford it.  In effect, the U.S. copyright system currently provides creators with rights but no effective remedies.

It’s vital that Congress hears from ALL creators (and friends of the creative community) on the importance of supporting the COPYRIGHT ALTERNATIVE in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2017 (H.R. 3945), which will create a small claims court for creators and small business to resolve their copyright infringement claims.


In partnership with members of the Copyright Alliance Small Claims Working Group, we are asking you to raise awareness about H.R. 3945 and joining our sister organizations in declaring January 17, 2018 as #SmallClaimsDay.  In addition to raising awareness, we are asking all DMLA members to contact their representatives on (or before) January 17 to request that they cosponsor H.R. 3945.  Please ask your photographers to do the same.It’s quick and easy to do!