After a lively “Fireside Chat” together at the 2015 DMLA Conference, Severin Matusek, VP of Community at EyeEm, asks his fellow panelists again how they see technologies will change photography this year. Stephen Mayes, Executive Director at Tim Hetherington Trust; Anna Dickson, Content and Community Photo Lead at Google;  Taylor Davidson, Entrepreneur and writer specializing in […]

Photo-sharing startup EyeEm raises $18 million in VC Funding

Photo-sharing startup EyeEm has raised $18 million to accelerate the expansion of its recently launched photo marketplace according to CEO Flo Meissner. They currently have a community of 13 million photographers across 150 countries. The EyeEm’s unique social aspect to generating content in their marketplace gives them a “truer” feel than other stock photography and […]

Stipple Shuts Down

Image-tagging advertising startup Stipple Inc. has closed its doors.  Although they were able to raise capital at had a valuation of close to $25 million dollars they were unable to become profitable in a timely enough fashion. See the entire article here   Elaine Vitt

Yuri Arcurs Sees Setsbacks for Microstock

Yuri Arcurs is pulling his images out of all microstock stock agencies, except for for iStockphoto, and investing $1.4 million dollars into Scoopshot. Will mobile be a major setback to Microstock? Read about his latest moves in this interesting article and form your own opinions. Elaine Vitt

Lightrocket Launches Online Services

SINGAPORE — A brand new website offering easy archive management, secure cloud storage, personal websites and an online sales platform for photographers and visual artists has just been launched. The service, called LightRocket (, revolves around an intuitive media management platform but also aims to become a valuable resource for picture buyers. “Anyone can sign […]