This calcium carbonate rich (marl) lake results in a colour

July 20, 2015


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In photographs it looks pretty good, but in person the proportions are so much more striking.I think the LC is even better looking than the DB11, though.It one of the only modern cars that looks futuristic without looking over complicated/flashy/cluttered.Toyota and by extension Lexus are moving to, or in Lexus case, they have moved to a design language thats more in line with their Corporate Identity design. Take Lexus, every Lexus from the last few years has featured the prominent “X” shaped front grill, and the cars are usually shown off in a metallic colour pallet, and more of their cars are featuring an angular and more aggressive look to them, and this has been bleeding over to Toyota for a few years now, but with cars like the HRV, Yaris, and new RAV4, AND the new Supra, they all becoming these angular aggressive cars, with prominent wide “mouth” style front grills. Functional or not, this is where their design language is going, and they making every car like this.Here is the good parts: Take Lexus, in the Middle 2000 Lexus wasnt REALLY well known internationally, so they DUMPED money into design and paint to make their cars look different than anything else on the market, and this worked really well, we all now know what Lexus is, and what they can do.

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