Universal Images Group strengthens its Board of Directors

August 12, 2013


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The Board of Universal Images Group Limited (UIG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Russelman as General Manager of UIG America and as a Director of the UIG Group.

Dan joined UIG during the 1st Quarter of 2012 from Getty Images, following the takeover of Photolibrary in June 2011, as Director of Operations and Distribution Director, a position he will retain in addition to the new appointment as General Manager of UIG America.

“We are delighted that Dan has taken on this challenge as it was critical for us to support our USA based contributors and agents, as well as the development of the online education business and subscription services” said George Sinclair, the founder of both UIG and the Virtual Picture Desk. “Dan has vast business experience and we are able to capitalize on this as we move forward past the $7 million revenue mark for distribution sales and then capitalize further on the electronic publishing and online education markets” Sinclair further stated.

Dan served as General Manager for Photolibrary’s North American operations from 2006 through 2012. His industry career began with sales roles at Peter Arnold, Inc. in 1994, and continued with Index Stock Imagery, Inc. from 1996 to 2006. Dan was the President of Index when the company was sold to Photolibrary.

UIG has set up a new London office, effective August 1st, and George Sinclair will be based there for 70% of his time, with the remainder in Chicago. We have to be located where our major partners are based” stated Sinclair, “and we now have experienced management on the ground in London, New York, Chicago, Sydney and Tokyo plus staff in Italy to support publishing partnerships with De Agostini, Alinari, Marka and ANSA”

The registered offices of Universal Images Group Limited will remain in London. England.
The registered offices of the Virtual Picture Desk Inc. and Universal Images Group America will remain in Chicago, USA.

For further details please contact either Danny Russelman ( DRusselman@UniversalImagesGroup.com) or George Sinclair ( GSinclair@VPDCorp.com)