March 26, 2015


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The New York-based agency will provide high-end imagery to the editorial and commercial markets




New York, N.Y.-—Vault Archives has announced its debut into the stock photography industry. The New York-based agency offers the editorial and commercial photography market high-end imagery that is tastefully curated with authentic real life moments.

Founded by Marcel Saba, Vault Archives serves as a premium, global image syndication library with the mission to provide the photography industry with high-end imagery. The photos, which are rights-managed, have been carefully selected to fill each client’s illustrative needs. The archive will contain thousands of images spanning fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and beverages, design, architecture, travel, and more.

With years of experience as founder and director of Redux Pictures, an independent commercial and editorial photo agency, Saba will apply his vast knowledge of visual communications and integrity of photography to bring a fresh perspective to the photography stock market, offering a hands-on approach to both the photographers and clients.

“Our mission is to provide a home for evocative photography that counters the quantity-over-quality trend that has dominated stock photography for years,” Saba says. “There is so much inspiring photography to be seen, and we believe that clients are hungry for these images.”

With an extensive international network, Vault Archives is uniquely positioned to offer clients a comprehensive selection of images and support in all aspects of content distribution and licensing. “We are in a position to connect great work with those who appreciate it, and we are so excited Vault Archives will give us the opportunity to do so,” Saba adds.

The debut of Vault Archives will provide the stock photography market with a new global platform, allowing clients to connect with unique images around the world.