July 31, 2018


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Photo of a hand holding a smartphone over a digital mirrorless camera and laptop computer


WebPurify is proud to be a new sponsor of the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA). We are a full-service digital content moderation and review company with over 12 years of experience. Our mission is to maintain the quality and integrity of your media library. Our in-house live teams and artificial intelligence solutions work 24/7, 365 days a year and have processed hundreds of millions of images and videos. We encourage UGC media providers to take a proactive approach to effectively curate their content libraries to enhance customer experience by putting in place a content review program before anything should go awry—and where there is user-generated content, something inevitably does!

WebPurify provides content moderation for stock photography platforms through three key services— image moderation, video moderation and metadata review. Through custom-tailored solutions and a combination of live moderators and AI, we do what it takes to sift through vast libraries of user-generated content. Because all website and apps should be able to easily and quickly moderate their content, we also serve as a consultant to make sure all bases are covered. Find out more below how we can help moderate your stock photography library.

Image and Video Moderation

Millions of images, illustrations and videos are uploaded to stock photography websites every day. The quantity of content is often too much for in-house teams to moderate. That’s where we step in. Trusted by many of the world’s most respected organizations, WebPurify can review your existing libraries and new submissions to ensure that they meet your requirements. The custom criteria that we develop with you can cover everything from offensive content, such as images that are considered violent or hateful, to simply bad imagery like a blurry, low-quality photo to potentially copyrighted content that wouldn’t be appropriate for sale on your platform. Additionally we can label and sort content according to your custom needs.

Metadata Review

Even though stock photography sites are largely image and video driven, there is still a need for reviewing meta data and other associated documents to ensure accuracy, or compliance with specific site rules. We review the tags, keywords, and summaries photographers attach to their images and video submissions.   This service focuses on both optimizing the process of categorization and annotation of image and video content as well as removing offensive language from any user-generated copy. WebPurify’s combination of live content moderators and AI technology can be a huge asset to stock photography websites to help curate, manage and moderate the copy associated with images and videos.

Content Moderation Consultants

Any platform that allows user-generated-content has exposure to risk.  There are certain additional  vulnerabilities that are inherently involved with moderating stock photography libraries. Part of WebPurify’s consultation process is to explore the various risks and areas where we can assist, such as community standards and terms of service enforcement as well aslicensing compliance. We’ll help you ensure copyright compliance and that all images and videos have the appropriate releases from photographers and subjects alike. Our goal is always to help you minimize your exposure in every way possible. We are excited to join with the DMLA community to help

We would love to set up a 15-minute call to learn about how you moderate your media and see if we can help reduce your costs with our automated and live content review solutions! Please contact us here. Learn more about WebPurify by visiting WebPurify.com.